Part Two TAKE IT EASY (Bill Clinton)

13PresidentsBill Clinton – In 2014 Marisa made a pilgrimage throughout the United States of America, visiting 13 libraries along the way. These are not just your ordinary libraries: they are gifts to the people by former Presidents of the country, and house not just your usual books, but also the archives of the Presidents, and sometimes even their remains. Out of the material collected along this trip, Marisa wrote 13 short stories, entitled 13 Presidents.


Cover of 13 Presidents.
Marisa J. Futernick.
© Marisa J. Futernick 2017, Courtesy Rice + Toye, London.
Written by Marisa J. Futernick, adapted from her book 13 Presidents (Slimvolume, 2016), Read by Sam Reich. Music composted and performed by Paul Huckerby. Sound by Paul Huckerby and Marisa J. Futernick.