Decentralising the Web

Decentralising The Web is a project that was created in response to inequality and bias
in internet culture and a curiosity in understanding our collective and individual identities
in this dynamic landscape. We invite artists, activists, curators and media scholars to take part in multi-platform conversations and work directly with participants to define the parameters
of presentation and archive based on their respective practices. Each conversation aims to untangle the psycho- social implications of identity on the global web, looking at the embedded biases that determine dominant narratives in representation and knowledge production online.

Organized by Amanda Stojanov + Symrin Chawla + voidLab

Operation Scrooge

Digital Koan
Recorded July 29, 2017
The Mistake Room, Los Angeles CA
A meditation on # Non Attachment led by artist and photographer Dicko Chan

The Mistake Room, Los Angeles CA

Recorded July 29, 2017

Jennifer Moon (artist) and Alice Barker (information security expert + privacy advocate) examine the psychosocial nature of cybersecurity – the entanglement of emotion, intuition and manipulation inherent in even the most benevolent con.

A discussion on the prospects of resistance and decolonization through the use of decentralized networks, digital currencies and tactile approaches to hacking is followed by a round table on Scrooging : a form of conning coined by Jennifer Moon and inspired by the transformation of Ebenezer Scrooge.

A significant portion of a Scrooging mission involves in depth recon to determine what the target truly desires beyond binaries, hierarchies, and capital. Often it is some form of love.