Rice + Toye

Rice + Toye is a curatorial project for nice people, by nice people, supported by the kindest of patrons: Cook Rice and Kitty Toye.

Founded in 2014, Rice + Toye began as a project space in Bermondsey, London, that invited emerging artists to exhibit or experiment with new work. The aim was to enable artists to test and venture within their practice by offering an open and humble space.

From November 2015 until September 2016 Rice + Toye were guests at The Society Club in Soho, London. THE DOOR, is a small space; a snug and cosy place; it is the entrance to a house in Soho that no longer opens; it is a ground-floor vitrine that never closes; it is a centre for broadcast in the heart of the city; it is a way in and out of the world; a way to welcome, new and old, friends and family.

Organised by: Antonio de la Hera, Owen Lacey & Emma Enderby


Chris Alton – Trident

TridentWhen you hear the word ‘Trident’ you might think about the recent renovation of the UK’s nuclear submarine programme, but Chris Alton takes it much, much further back. Tracing all the way back to Homer and antiquity – think Poseidon and his power wielding trident capable of making and disrupting land and sea alike – Alton makes a journey through history to describe how the Trident has been, and in many ways remains, a symbol of power.

William Dyce, Neptune Resigning the Empire of the Sea to Britannia, 1847.
Chris Alton is a British artist who is best known for his involvement with the EDL (English Disco Lovers)


Raque Ford – Beyoncé

RaqueFordWith more than a nod towards surrealism, Raque Ford transcribes a dream where she embodies the celebrity superstar Beyoncé. Told from the first person, the artist encounters another celebrity, and what happens next is a true fantasy…

Raque Ford.
© Raque Ford 2017, Courtesy Rice + Toye, London.





Marisa J. Futernick – 13 Presidents

13PresidentsIn 2014 Marisa made a pilgrimage throughout the United States of America, visiting 13 libraries along the way. These are not just your ordinary libraries: they are gifts to the people by former Presidents of the country, and house not just your usual books, but also the archives of the Presidents, and sometimes even their remains. Out of the material collected along this trip, Marisa wrote 13 short stories, entitled 13 Presidents.

Cover of 13 Presidents by Marisa J. Futernick.
© Marisa J. Futernick 2017, Courtesy Rice + Toye, London.
Written by Marisa J. Futernick, adapted from her book 13 Presidents (Slimvolume, 2016). Read by David Futernick. Music composed and performed by Paul Huckerby. Sound by Paul Huckerby and Marisa J. Futernick.

Part One CHEESE (George W. Bush)

Part Two TAKE IT EASY (Bill Clinton)


Part Four HOUSE SPECIAL (Richard Nixon)


Rose Goddard – Gillian Anderson and Robert Palmer

RoseGoddardRose Goddard becomes an unreliable narrator, telling us about her chance meeting with Gillian Anderson, and her fascination with Robert Palmer, with as much wit as attitude.

© Rose Goddard 2017. Image courtesy Rice + Toye, London.



Hayley Newman – Elfie und Eleonore (Fur Heidi)

HayleyNewmanRead by Anna Tierney

The young Elfie has travelled to Linz from London. She is going to stay on a large houseboat with her uncle and his friends, and is fascinated by the different lifestyle, the care to detail, and the exposed pipes which contain all different kinds of waters. Adapting and travelling are exhausting though, and Elfie falls into a dream which leads her down another pipe altogether… Read by Anna Tierney, Elfie und Eleonore (Fur Heidi) by Haley Newman narrates this youngster’s series of personal and social discoveries.

Hayley Newman, Taps auf das Kunstschiff Eleonore, 2017.
© Hayley Newman 2017, Courtesy the artist.


Katherine Midgley – Pigeons

KatherineMidgleyAs Katherine Midgley will reveal, David Attenborough had not needed to travel so far to produce those documentaries for which we all remember him so fondly. The pigeon is the subject of her  close analysis over the next 18 minutes. To Midgley, they are far from unwanted co-inhabitants of the cities we live in, but ingenious creatures capable of versatile adaptation which leaves us wanting for similar resourcefulness.

Pidgeon. Image courtesy Katherine Midgley.


Izabella Scott – Olga Dieterding, the life of…

Izabella ScottOlga Deterding was an eccentric socialite of 1970s London. She died very suddenly in 1978, choking on a piece of bacon, at midnight, on New Year’s Eve. Olga was a fabulously wealthy oil heiress, reported to have inherited £50 million from her father, although accounts vary in the extreme. She lived in a Brutalist penthouse in Mayfair, which housed a collection of Haitian art, a small vineyard and a painting studio. The building sat right opposite the Ritz Hotel, and Olga was said to spy on its guests from her rooftop through a pair of large, brass binoculars. It was in this flat that Olga hosted the many parties for which she is remembered; her guests included Warhol Superstar Holly Woodlawn, 70s style journalists like Tom Wolfe and Peter York, the raconteur and writer Quentin Crisp, and many more.

Olga. Image courtesy Izabella Scott.